Brought to the public's notice and under the spots after his outstanding to the French Show "the Voice", Ralf hartmann has conquered the audience with his brilliant and true to Life cover version of Say it Ain't So made famous by Murray Head. Ralph Hartmann, a talented singer, has settled in Lyon with his family since 1994, the accomplished artist from Baden Baden is currently composing and recording his second album "step Into the Light". The album ended up mixed by none other than the Rock singer and Composer Louis Bertignac.

The songs of the album draw inspiration from a folk culture, country and pop music influences, Carving undisputed energy, intensity and immediacy.

With his seductive tone and timbre of his voice, Ralph Hartmann has won over Louis Bertignac with his unequalled and subtle inspiration, Louis Bertignac will contribute to the album arranging guitars and other instruments.

Prior to the release of the second album due and scheduled for Fall 2013, Ralf is on tour dates around France and Europe. The energetic and generous performer who takes to the stage like a fish on the water.. he has already experienced the most renowned European stages (Germany, Switzerland and Ireland) and has played around France and particularly in Lyon.

He performed successfully as a support singer for Touré Kounda, Michael Jones , Johnny Clegg and Charlie Winston.